class Cluster


Public Methods

[more] Cluster (XMLIO_Attributes& attributes)
[more]virtual ~Cluster ()
[more]virtual const char* toString () const
Returns name of class.

Inherited from XMLIO_Element:

Public Fields

oXMLIO_string tag
oXMLIO_Attributes attributes
oXMLIO_IndentationType xmlio_indent_type

Public Methods

ovirtual XMLIO_Element* XMLIO_startTag(const XMLIO_string& tag, XMLIO_Attributes &attrs)
ovirtual void XMLIO_endTag(const XMLIO_string& tag)
ovirtual void XMLIO_getCharacters(const XMLIO_string& characters)
ovirtual void XMLIO_getComment(const XMLIO_string& comment)
ovirtual void XMLIO_getProcessingInstruction(const XMLIO_string& target, const XMLIO_string& instructions)
ovirtual void XMLIO_finishedReading()
ovirtual bool XMLIO_remove() const
ovirtual const int XMLIO_writeContent(XMLIO_Document& doc)
ovirtual const XMLIO_string& XMLIO_getName() const
ovirtual XMLIO_Attributes& XMLIO_getAttributes()
ovirtual bool XMLIO_isEmpty() const
ovirtual void print() const


o Cluster(XMLIO_Attributes& attributes)

ovirtual ~Cluster()

ovirtual const char* toString() const
Returns name of class.

This class has no child classes.

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