class DECLSPEC XMLIO_StoreElement

This object just stores the current element.


Public Fields

[more]XMLIO_list<XMLIO_ContentOfElements*> content_list
List of XMLIO_ContentOfElements.

Public Methods

[more] XMLIO_StoreElement (const XMLIO_string& tag, XMLIO_Attributes &attributes)
[more]virtual ~XMLIO_StoreElement ()
[more]virtual const char* toString () const
Returns name of class.
[more]virtual XMLIO_Element* XMLIO_startTag (const XMLIO_string& tag, XMLIO_Attributes &attributes)
[more]virtual void XMLIO_getCharacters (const XMLIO_string& characters)
[more]virtual const int XMLIO_writeContent (XMLIO_Document& stream)

Inherited from XMLIO_Element:

Public Fields

oXMLIO_string tag
oXMLIO_Attributes attributes
oXMLIO_IndentationType xmlio_indent_type

Public Methods

ovirtual void XMLIO_endTag(const XMLIO_string& tag)
ovirtual void XMLIO_getComment(const XMLIO_string& comment)
ovirtual void XMLIO_getProcessingInstruction(const XMLIO_string& target, const XMLIO_string& instructions)
ovirtual void XMLIO_finishedReading()
ovirtual bool XMLIO_remove() const
ovirtual const XMLIO_string& XMLIO_getName() const
ovirtual XMLIO_Attributes& XMLIO_getAttributes()
ovirtual bool XMLIO_isEmpty() const
ovirtual void print() const


This object just stores the current element. This is useful if you don't need its contents but want to keep it in order to write it back to harddisk sometime later.
o XMLIO_StoreElement(const XMLIO_string& tag, XMLIO_Attributes &attributes)

ovirtual ~XMLIO_StoreElement()

ovirtual const char* toString() const
Returns name of class.

ovirtual XMLIO_Element* XMLIO_startTag(const XMLIO_string& tag, XMLIO_Attributes &attributes)

ovirtual void XMLIO_getCharacters(const XMLIO_string& characters)

ovirtual const int XMLIO_writeContent(XMLIO_Document& stream)

oXMLIO_list<XMLIO_ContentOfElements*> content_list
List of XMLIO_ContentOfElements.

This class has no child classes.

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