c++ parser wrapper based on expat, a reference is also available
o XMLIO_Element
Most important class to read and write from an XML file.
o XMLIO_StringElement
contains a string and nothing more.
o XMLIO_SingleElement
contains a string representation of T and nothing more
o XMLIO_AttributedElement
An empty element which just contains its tag and its attributes.
o XMLIO_IgnoreElement
This element is just to skip an xml element.
o XMLIO_ArrayElement
Supports an array of tokens (like int, double or string) seperated by whitespace.
o XMLIO_ElementArrayElement
Array of elements of the same type
o XMLIO_ContentElementPair
helps to collect content and elements for XMLIO_ContentElementArrayElement
o XMLIO_ContentElementArrayElement
a vector with content and element pointer, parsed from this element
o XMLIO_StoreElement
This object just stores the current element.
o XMLIO_ContentOfElements
Content of Elements (XML spec [43]).
o XMLIO_Document
Base class for document handling (see XML Spec [1]).
o XMLIO_ElementReader
Parses global element of a xml file, optional decides by name to skip content
o global functions for array token evaluation
o file: XMLIO_Definitions.h
some supplements
c++ parser wrapper based on expat, a reference is also available
Peter Pipenbacher, Achim Gaedke

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